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About Us

MarHen NY Cleaning Inc. was founded in New York City by a very clue team who saw the need for change in an ever-growing industry. After 20 years of service and experience, this team now operates a business with selective and professional employees serving the New York City and surrounding areas.

Our standards are excellent job at an affordable price and this is why our reputation keeps growing. Our team members come from different backgrounds but have all one goal that is customer satisfaction.

Our company does not use non-qualified or illegal labor! Our employees are well compensated for a better motivation.

Main Services

Office Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Carpet / Upholstery Cleaning
Floor Waxing Maintenance

All Equipment & Supplies Provided
References Available
Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Daily and Weekly

P.O BOX 564603 College Point, NY 11356
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